Powerflushing Services

Powerflushing Services

Powerflushing is recognised as the best way of cleaning your heating system resulting in greater performance and efficiency with typical savings of up to 15% on your heating costs. In certain cases it can also be used to remove blockages and rectify other system problems.

Pipe Dreams Plumbing and Heating are trained and experienced in powerflushing all types of heating systems. We use the best equipment available combined with high quality chemicals to ensure the best possible results.

How does Powerflushing work?

Powerflushing uses a high flow, low pressure pump in order to flush large volumes of water through the heating system and keep any system contaminants in suspension until they can be removed from the system, either by high strength magnet for magnetic contaminants or by removal via the waste water produced by the flushing process.

Most boiler manufacturers now require a powerflush as part of the installation of a new boiler to ensure system cleanliness and to prevent damage to the heat exchanger.

Utilising Kamco’s powerflushing equipment and chemicals we are able to guarantee system cleanliness beyond the industry requirements of BS7593 therefore exceeding any manufacturer requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Powerflushing damage my heating system?

No, the output from the power flush machine is at a considerably lower pressure than your heating pump. With severely corroded systems there may be a small risk of leakage from previously faulty radiators as we remove the corrosion but we feel that it is better that it happens when our qualified plumbers are there to rectify it.

Any likely risk will be brought to your attention before we start to Powerflush.

Is Powerflushing messy?

We work extremely carefully to prevent any damage occurring to your property. We use waterproof dust sheets, shoe covers and if the powerflush unit is to be sited inside your house then we will also put the unit in a tray.

How long does Power flushing take?

On average a powerflush takes between six and eight hours. The householder does not need to be present during this process however.

How often should my heating system be Powerflushed?

Your heating system should be cleaned at least once every 10 years and always before a new boiler installation. Most boiler manufacturers will not warranty your new boiler unless the system has been Powerflushed.

How much does a Power flush cost?

Powerflushing starts from £430 +VAT and depends very much on the layout and type of system that you have. For a free assessment and quote please contact us.