Water Regulations Work

Water Regulations Work

The Water Regulations are the legal requirements for water supply and use within England and Wales. Water suppliers such as Thames Water and Affinity Water are obliged to carry out inspections to ensure the regulations are adhered to.

The water suppliers have prioritised inspections in order of the most likely risk to the water supply. Higher risk locations such as manufacturing premises, schools and pubs are very likely to receive an inspection within the next 12 months.

Qualifications & Approved Status

We hold a number of relevant qualifications and have been through approval process for a number of recognised bodies:

  • Water Regulations qualifications
  • WRAS registered RPZ tester
  • WaterSafe Approved status
  • Thames Water Approved Plumber status


We have experience of the practical implications of the regulations in both large and small installations and have worked side-by-side with Water Regulations inspectors and business alike for many years.

We can provide pre-inspection, inspection day and full rectification services, just get in touch to discuss your project with and to arrange a free, no-obligation quote.

Water Regulations FAQ

Who do the Water Regulations affect?

Everyone. The scope of the water regulations covers all water and fittings supplied by a water supplier although currently only commercial premises are being inspected.

What is meant by the term ‘Fluid Category’?

Fluid Category refers to the type of potential water contamination on a scale of 1 to 5. Category 1 would refer to fresh clean water direct from the supplier’s main and Category 5 would be high risk fluids such as acids and other dangerous matter.

Can I avoid water inspections?

If you hire plumbers that are registered and approved by your water supplier then they can certify the installation as compliant for you, rather than a water regulations inspector needing to come out and take a look. Otherwise, no, the water supplier has a legal right to enter your premises for the purpose of conducting an inspection.

How much does rectification work cost?

We charge the same for Water Regulations compliance work as any other commercial service. For larger commercial premises or work that is likely to take more than one week to complete we will provide a quote or estimate before starting work.

Do domestic premises require a water inspection?

Although domestic premises are covered by the Water Regulations, it is extremely unlikely that domestic customers will receive inspections. The best way to avoid any problems in the future is to use an Approved or Water Regulations qualified plumber for any plumbing work.

I’d like to upgrade my water supply – is this covered by the water regulations?

Yes, but we can help you with that too.