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What are Water Regulations?

The topic of water regulations may sound pretty dry (!), but they’re vital in protecting the UK’s water supply and all who use it from contamination.

These regulations are a set of laws – they’re the water equivalent of Building Regulations. They set the standards for plumbing fittings such as taps, etc; and also determine the way in which a house or site’s plumbing is put in and the quality of materials used to carry out any plumbing work that’s been  commissioned.

Who do they apply to?

Everyone really. There is a legal duty for all users, owners, occupiers and plumbers to ensure that plumbing systems and water fittings are installed and used in line with these regulations.

How are they enforced?

The Government requires each of the 26 water companies across the UK to enforce the scheme within their respective water supply areas.

The water companies are members of an advisory body called WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) who provide guidance on the water regulations for both water companies and their customers.

One of the WRAS objectives is to provide an Approval Scheme that allows plumbing companies to show competency in the regulations and provide a level of reassurance.

These Approved Plumbers certify their work and therefore take on the legal responsibility of making sure that their work and the fittings they’ve used meet with the regulations.

More recently, WRAS developed something called the WaterSafe Scheme. This scheme is effectively the water equivalent of the gas safe scheme, with it’s members being vetted and meeting certain requirements.


Need help?

We’re WRAS approved and have been on the WaterSafe Scheme since it’s conception in 2014.  We have undertaken work for customers following Thames Water and Veolia Water inspections and have a very good relationship with many of the Water Inspectors across Surrey.

Many of our customers require to help them with very specific challenges. We pride ourselves in our problem-solving skills, designing inexpensive solutions to problems.


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