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Coronavirus Update

Please Note

Pipe Dreams is currently attending emergency situations only.

We would define an emergency situation as either a failure of heating or hot water, a water leak, or a gas escape

Other Emergency Contacts

In the event of us not being able to attend an emergency, further contacts may be found at:

Watersafe –

GasSafe Register –

In the event of a gas escape, carbon monoxide (CO) alarm activation or other concern for the safety of your gas installation the Gas Transporter’s Emergency Service Provider (ESP) will attend for free to make any gas situation safe.

The number to contact for the ESP is 0800 111 999

Social Responsibility

We strongly believe that it is the responsibility of all members of our society to follow the Government’s guidance and therefore prevent transmission of the virus as much as possible.

To protect our current and future clients, and also the wider community, we have taken many steps to prevent unnecessary contact, prevent any unnecessary travel and, where visits are unavoidable ensuring the likelihood of transmission is reduced as far as possible.

Business Continuity

We intend to serve our community for as long as possible.  For those that know us, this means that Tom has been held back from active service and Dennis is currently providing emergency cover. If either engineer shows any symptoms or becomes unable to continue their role they will be quarantined and the other engineer will take over.

All businesses will be facing great strains on their resources at this time. Please bear with us as we try to prioritise clients as appropriate.

At Risk Clients

Elderly and otherwise vulnerable clients are requested to advise us of their condition upon initial contact (email or phone). We can then provide the most appropriate advice and service.

Clients Showing Symptoms

If you are showing symptoms of the virus please let us know before we visit. This may constitute a risk to other clients and any potential jobs would, therefore, have to be assessed extremely carefully.

Personal Message

Our greatest concern is for the health and welfare of others. Above all else, we intend to protect society from any risk to the best of our abilities.

Our thoughts go out to those suffering, their families and our frontline workers, whether NHS or supermarket staff.

Now is the time for trade professionals to show their true value. Many businesses will find themselves in desperate positions in the coming months but we are certain that those that make decisions that support their community and protect the most vunerable in society will be those that are remembered in more prosperous times.

If we can support you or someone close to you, just let us know. We do not have vast financial resources but we do have tools, vans and people driven to help others.


Dennis, Hazel and Tom

Written by

Dennis Green started Pipe Dreams Plumbing & Heating. He originally trained in Mechanical Engineering and has a background in sales, engineering and plumbing.